Located in La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico, Baja Productions has been serving the wildlife documentary industry for almost two decades with high quality stock imagery, original productions, professional and knowledgeable cameramen and full production capabilities from start to finish. Our years of experience, location and knowledge of the unique Baja ecosystem and its marine inhabitants is forged in over eighteen years of filming and residing on the peninsula. We are no strangers to the climate, working conditions, local flora and fauna and the basic complications of working in Mexico. Additionally we have acquired one of the most extensive Baja stock footage libraries in existence. Our creative talents, digital acquisition expertise and artistic skills are second to none and what we consider key and among our strongest assets that we offer in order to assist you with your production or filming needs….”We know Baja and Mexico”.



Whether you're filming a feature film, documentary, commercial or an NGO we have the tools and experience to support your project. From end to end productions, original stock footage sequences, logistical support, field coordination, camera & gear rental as well as Mexico Permit Fixing we have extensive experience with every facet of starting and completing a production within Mexico and aboard ON time and ON budget.

• Original stock footage sequences
• Full production (start to finish)
• Cameraman & DOP
• Worldwide capability
• Production & line producing
• Fixing: work & film permits
• Location coordination & scouts

• Aerial photography & video
• Gear rental & support
• Budget development
• On site post & edit facility
• Digital workflow specialists
• Safety dive crew
• Aerial and marine vessel charters

Our Mission

Baja Productions creates dramatic, emotional and humanistic stories through powerful imagery and strong story telling. Whether shooting for the big screen, television or commercials, we bring all of our hard earned knowledge, years of experience and local resources to the table. Our strong background in Marine Biology and technical dive ability including closed-circuit rebreathers combined with our artistic talents and the best digital acquisition equipment available allow you to bring to the screen the best quality picture possible.

Budgets – Logistics – Treatments

With ever increasing costs and risks associated with shooting natural history films on the water and the complexities of organizing vessels, crew and figuring out the proper timing and season for your shoot, it is critical that you employ the most knowledgeable and experienced crew. These costs can vary greatly and get out of hand quickly. We can assist you in developing a realistic budget and outline that meets the needs of your production and work within your budget to be sure you come in on time and on budget and you are given the best opportunity of achieving success and the results you expect.

Mexico and Worldwide

Our home base is on the Baja Peninsula in the tranquil city of La Paz, Baja, California Sur, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez. Our boats, equipment and studio are all located locally affording us the ability to maximize time out in the field and NOT dealing with the dreaded paperwork, expense and time required to obtain work visas, special filming permits and importing gear into Mexico.

Although based in Mexico, the world is our canvas. Having filmed throughout the Arctic, South Pacific, Africa and numerous locals between we are based only one hour and thirty minutes flight from Los Angeles International Airport and a short drive to Cabo San Lucas International Airport.

No job is too small or complex for us and our mobile capabilities. Having dual citizenship also affords us the ability to work and travel not only in Mexico but locals such as Cuba and other off-limits locations for most US passport holders.



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